Top 10 Secrets the Hotel Staff Stays Silent About

The hotel is one of the most important components of travel. After all, even a small thing like a broken bed or a dirty room can spoil the impression of the entire trip.

Therefore, to get ready in advance, We share with you some little tricks that will help you save money and have a great time on vacation.

1. Book a room 1-2 days before check-in.

10 Secrets the Hotel Staff Stays Silent About

The prices for hotels can change every day, and it all depends on the season and upcoming events. Therefore, it’s better to book a room closer to the date of arrival to save up to 50%.

2. If you don’t like your room, you can change it for free.

10 Secrets the Hotel Staff Stays Silent About

For example, if you booked a room with a view of the sea and received a view of a building site, you have the right to demand the room you originally ordered. If you don’t like the room for subjective reasons (located on the upper/lower floor), then you can ask (but not demand) a change of room. If there are vacant rooms, the hotel staff will show them to you. No additional fees for changing rooms should be taken.

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