21 DIY Wind Turbine Designs To Generate Off Grid Power

4- Washing Machine Motor

Take one old washing machine motor and some PVC pipe, follow these easy instructions and start making your own off-grid power source. These free pictorial instructions will show you how to build a vertical wind turbine that looks like a piece of art. It’s attractive as well as functional, a perfect design to use in neighborhoods where there might be building codes and restrictions on structures. Plus it can be built cheaply using recycled parts.

5- Wasp DIY Wind Turbine

This mirco wind turbine takes its design and function from the wasp. The small, light weight size makes this DIY wind turbine easy to take along with you in the recreation vehicle and/or boat. Great for use at a remote camp site too. Don’t let the small size fool you, this turbine can generate enough power to provide you with the essentials when you go off-grid.

6- Scrap Metal DIY Wind Turbine

Keep it green by building it green. This homemade wind turbine design is built from scrap metal parts. The finished product not only keeps metal out of the junk yard, but gives the metal a second life as something useful. The usage of scrap metal will also save you a lot of money on this building project. Save money when you build it, save again when using it. This design makes the ultimate in green sense, conserving natural resources in more than one way.

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