17 Horrifying Myths About Hotel Rooms That Are 100 Percent True

The remote is the dirtiest object in the room.

hotel room tv remote

Of all the gross things in your hotel room, the remote is by far the filthiest and most forgotten. Citing a study on contamination levels in hotel rooms, Reuters reported in 2012 that remote controls are the dirtiest item. After all, when’s the last time you washed your hands because you were about to use the remote? And, when’s the last time you gave your own home remote a good wipe down? It’s easy to see why this germ-infested item is so often overlooked.

Someone could hack the lock to your suite.

man scanning his key card on his hotel room door

Another fault of a digital key card over an analog metal key is that they can be hacked. In 2017, Wired exposed a thief who exploited a vulnerability in the design of a specific kind of hotel room lock. Stories like these are all the more reason to use the chain lock on your door and keep your valuables tucked away in the hotel safe.

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