17 Horrifying Myths About Hotel Rooms That Are 100 Percent True

There are quite a few myths about hotels: housekeeping doesn’t really clean or rooms are never truly sold out. But the question remains. What is fact and what is fiction? To answer that, we’ve done the digging and found the truth behind the tales—and it’s not all pretty. (Hint: Avoid the TV remote at all costs. Trust us.) From creepy crawly bugs to horror movie-style hidden cameras, here are the shocking secrets about what could be hiding behind your hotel doors.

The coffee maker has never been washed.

small coffee machine in a hotel room

Coffee makers boil water and are therefore always clean, right? Wrong. Germ specialist Kelly Reynolds told the Huffington Post that because coffee makers are a moist environment, they are prone to high numbers of mold and bacteria. When housekeeping cleans your room, it would take far too long to thoroughly sanitize each coffee pot, so you can bet that they’re skipping it.

The mini bar secretly charges you.

hotel room mini bar filled with different snacks

Of all the items in your hotel room, the mini bar is the one you should be most afraid of. Not only are the prices high enough to make your skin crawl, but some hotels have even been found to use sensors programmed to detect any time a snack is removed. In 2014, a representative of DoubleTree told the Journal Sentinel that, “Our mini bar and snack tray are sensory activated so if a guest happens to pick up an item for a few seconds, they can erroneously be charged for something they didn’t eat.”

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