12 Things We Shouldn’t Do During a Storm

Peeking out of your window, using running water, or even touching concrete walls — there are so many ordinary things that we do at home during extreme weather, and we don’t even think that they could be dangerous to us. And even though your home is generally a safe place during these times, there are still safety rules that shouldn’t be ignored.

We want our readers to be prepared for any situation. For this purpose, we have found out what the most common mistakes are that most people neglect while waiting for bad weather to pass. Make sure to remember them and stay safe!

1. Avoid using running water.

12 Things We Shouldn’t Do During a Storm

Taking a shower or a bath, washing the dishes, or just using running water for any purpose can be dangerous. First, it’s because the water pipes are made out of metal (usually steel or copper), which is known to be able to conduct electricity. Second, tap water, with its countless impurities, allows electricity to flow through it. So covering yourself with water puts you at risk of an electric current getting to you.

2. Do not touch concrete structures.

12 Things We Shouldn’t Do During a Storm

It’s better to avoid touching or leaning on concrete walls, or even lying on concrete floors. Metal bars in the walls and flooring, combined with concrete, can conduct electricity and put you in danger. Another thing you need to avoid is storing bottles of water on these floors. Plastic can absorb different odors and even the chemicals used to create the cement floor. This can make your water unsuitable for drinking. Instead, put your supply of water bottles on some wood planks or use cardboard.

3. Try not to light candles.

12 Things We Shouldn’t Do During a Storm

The problem with candles is that they can also start a fire. And during a severe storm, it might not be possible to contact emergency services. Even if you are able to contact them, the weather might make it impossible for them to reach your house in time. To avoid possible dangers, you can use flashlights instead of candles. They produce even more light and are way safer.

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