9 Kinds of Fish Seriously You Shouldn’t Eat And 8 Tips on Choosing a Healthy Product

The World Health Organization encourages people to eat more fish because it lowers your risk of getting cancer. But you have to know how to choose a healthy and high-quality product.

There are many myths and lot of speculation when it comes to buying fish. These beliefs often stand in the way of making the right buying choice. In order to get to the bottom of this, We have collected the most common questions and the right answers which will help you choose healthy and tasty fish.

These 9 Kinds of Fish Seriously You Shouldn’t Eat, Why?

We all know that fish is both delicious and healthy. However, there are certain fish that will do you more harm than good.

We would like to tell you about 9 types of fish you should eat rarely or not at all. Take care!

9 Kinds of Fish You Shouldn’t Eat

Catfish can grow to considerable size. To accelerate their growth, many fish farmers feed them hormones, especially those fish imported from Asian countries. Free-grown catfish are much less dangerous and more nutritionally valuable.

9 Kinds of Fish You Shouldn’t Eat

Mackerel contains mercury, which is not cleared from but accumulated in the human body, causing various diseases. The Atlantic mackerel is the least dangerous in this regard, and you can eat it as much as you like.

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