Booking and planning a mountain bike adventure is an exciting process. Choosing a destination that suits your needs, researching cultural experiences for your off-bike time and picking accommodations suited to your budget are only a few of the considerations you need to take to ensure a successful travel experience. If you’re planning the trip on your own there is a long list of logistics and details that need to be organized, which means investing a lot of time and energy into the process.

Adventure travel is a wonderful way to get off the beaten path and explore the world, but with any adventure, there is also a chance of travel delays,   injuries and cancellations that are outside of your control. For some,   it’s difficult to focus on these  ‘what if’ travel scenarios, when you’re busy planning.

Here at Sacred Rides, we’ve seen those scenarios such as lost luggage, cancelled flights and pre-trip injuries become a reality. That’s why it’s mandatory to have comprehensive travel medical insurance coverage and we highly recommend trip cancellation and interruption insurance for all our trip participants.    Purchasing a $100 travel insurance plan to protect a trip worth a few thousand dollars provides peace of mind and reassurance in case anything goes wrong  before, during after your travels.

It’s important to research the best insurance company and policy for your travel needs. Always read the fine print, especially if you’ll be participating in ‘adventure activities’ such as mountain biking, scuba diving or paragliding.  Talk to a representative and ask in-depth  questions about the policy including:

  • Will the policy cover sports and ‘high risk’ activities?
  • If needed, how do I make a claim?
  • Do you cover pre-existing medical conditions? (if applicable)
  • Do I need pre-authorization if I need to visit a doctor or hospitable while travelling?
  • Do I have to pay a deductible? If so, how much is it?
  • Does the insurance companies pay for claims directly? Or do I have to pay upfront and be reimbursed?
  • Does the company offer a 24-hour support/emergency line?
  • Can I extend my policy if I decide to extend my travel plans?
  • Are there any exclusions if I need to cancel my trip? (ie. If I get sick or injured prior to the trip)

Here are two travel insurance companies  we recommend for your next mountain bike adventure: ==============


Since 2004, Global Rescue has been a leader in the travel service industry, providing individuals, families and businesses with medical, security and travel assistance anytime, anywhere.   Global Rescue offers 24/7/365 advisory services, translation services and travel planning.

If you need to cancel your trip for any reason, you can also upgrade your coverage to cover 75% of your trip cost,  while most other companies will only cover trip costs due to illness and larger circumstances.  Global Rescue  is trusted by many top companies and organizations including National Geographic and the American Alpine Club.

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World Nomads offers simple and flexible travel insurance policies catered to your destination and type of travel.    The company also provides activity-specific insurance options to ensure you have the right coverage for mountain biking or other adventure sports.   Their website reviews real-life examples of customer claims and provides a great overview of what’s covered.   Policies will vary depending on your country of residence. World Nomads is trusted by Lonely Planet and other adventure tourism companies including Intrepid Travel.

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Wherever your adventures take you, make sure you’re covered with a trusted travel insurance policy and you have read the fine print.    Choosing not to purchase a travel insurance policy could result in losing  the full cost of your trip or paying for big unforeseen medical expenses.