These 15 Secret Facts NASA Doesn’t Want You To Know

The U.S. worked hard to create breakthroughs in rocket science since World War II came to an end on September 2, 1945. NASA was established on July 29, 1958, after President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the National Aeronautics and Space Law on July 29, 1958. Eisenhower reportedly called his signing a historic step because it meant the U.S. had a chance to become fully equipped in pursuit of their desire to win the Space Race against the Soviet Union (USSR), now called Russia.

NASA has had a large amount of successful missions, including the International Space Station (ISS) and Apollo 11, which sent three men—Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and Michael Collins—on the Moon in 1969. In recent times, NASA sent robotic exploratory missions to Mars and launched a spacecraft to view Pluto. In addition, NASA’s research has contributed to advances in consumer-oriented products such as computer technology and telecommunications satellites.

NASA has also kept things out of the public eye. So much for their unbiased motto, “For the benefit of all.” I’m not saying it’s wrong, but it’s pretty inaccurate. You may have wondered about the things that NASA has tried to conceal. From Hubble Space Telescopes to the Lucifer Project, here are 15 things that NASA doesn’t want you to know.


It has been said that the nuclear explosions on Mars were natural, but was that the truth?

Mars has a high concentration of Xenon 129 in its atmosphere. Xenon 129 is produced by nuclear reactions. The surface of Mars also has excessive amounts of uranium and thorium. These qualities likely contributed to two atypical nuclear explosions on Mars back then. Uranium was extracted in Oklo, Gabon in 1972 and was said to have unusual properties. In addition, uranium deposits contain about 0.7 percent of Uranium-235. However, Uranium-235 was already in Oklo and displayed levels of around 0.6 percent, which concludes that it has already been burned.

Another nuclear reaction might take place on Earth in a billion years, but it’s not something that you need to worry about because geological conditions don’t change that often. The previous explosions on Mars occurred about 180 million years ago. They would’ve been large enough to change the global climate of Mars and create a worldwide catastrophe.


Space conspiracy theorists have accused NASA of intentionally ending a live stream from the International Space Station after an alien appeared in the video. They came up with theories after YouTube user Streepcap1 posted a video of the stream on July 9, 2016. In the video, a bright object slowly fell in before the screen flashed and NASA said that there were technical difficulties with the stream. Streepcap1 has stated that the unidentified object may not be an alien, but also mentioned that the unexpected stoppage of the broadcast was strange.

NASA spokesman Daniel Huot responded, asserting that the stream wasn’t intentionally cut. He said the cameras that were mounted on the International Space Station were automatically controlled. He also said that the station regularly passes out of range of the Tracking and Data Relay Satellites, which are used to send and receive videos, voices, and telemetries. He added that the cameras will show a blue screen or a pre-set video slate if NASA loses the signal.==============


The Clementine Lunar Mission, also known as Project Golden Dragon, is a conspiracy by the U.S. Department of Defense exposed by a whistle-blower that left cryptographic clues and ultimately completed the exposure of an obscured object that was found in the Zeeman crater on the far side of the Moon. This revealing information came after 14 years of research. Researchers used high-quality forensic image enhancement software to collect data, analyze the data, and make enhancements.

The Clementine Lunar Mission sure seems like a cover-up. NASA said that the dark spot on the Moon was the Apollo 15 lander, but the mission proved otherwise when they took a photo of the landing sites. The European Space Agency’s SMART-1 satellite returned the photos of the landing sites after further review. SMART-1 has a pretty high orbit, which can make it difficult to observe aliens and artifacts on the Moon. The Moon dragons are harmless. Therefore, the U.S. government should tell the general public what they know about alien technology on the Moon.


NASA originally planned to name the first space shuttle “Constitution” to honor the nation’s bicentennial in 1976. But that changed after the unveiling of the craft, thanks to a Star Trek fan named Bjo Trimble.

Trimble already had an experience with organizing Star Trek fans. Prior to starting the petition, she led a campaign to save the original Star Trek series in 1967. Her effort extended the series for a third year. Most notably, she gathered fans in a new campaign to name NASA’s first shuttle “Enterprise” instead of “Constitution.” The White House received between 10,000 and 40,000 letters, which eventually prompted the name change (although some estimates go as high as 200,000). I wrote one of those letters myself.

President Gerald Ford spoke with NASA Chief James Fletcher and expressed his uncertainty about the name “Enterprise.” Ford never mentioned the petition but brought up about how he served on a Navy ship that serviced the USS Enterprise. Fletcher opposed the name change, but his thought was overruled by Ford. The shuttle was then named “Enterprise.” All ships in Star Trek were named after famous space shuttles of the past, so “Enterprise” was the perfect name.==============


Soviet Union leader, Leonid Brezhnev, created a mid-space mission between two Soviet spaceships in 1967. Vladimir Komarov and Yuri Gagarin were assigned to the same Earth-orbiting mission in 1967. It was said that both men knew that the space capsule was dangerous to fly. Komarov reportedly told his friends that he knew he would probably die, but he didn’t back out because he didn’t want Gagarin to die.

The plan was to launch the Soyuz 1 with Komarov inside. A second flight took off the following day with two other cosmonauts. The plan was for the two spacecraft to meet and dock and Komarov would crawl from his spacecraft to the other and come home in the second spacecraft. Brezhnev hoped for a Soviet victory on the 50th anniversary of the Communist Revolution.

Gagarin and some senior technicians found 203 structural problems in the Soyuz 1. The mission should’ve been postponed, but no one told Brezhnev. However, Gagarin wrote a 10-page memo and handed it to his best friend, a KGB officer named Venyamin Russayev. Everyone who saw Gagarin’s memo, was demoted, fired, or sent to Siberia. Komarov realized that postponement wasn’t an option and told Russayev that he wasn’t going to make it back from the flight because they’ll send the backup pilot and then burst into tears.

The Soyuz 1 left Earth with Komarov on board. The failures occurred when the Soyuz 1 began to orbit the Earth, so the next launch was cancelled. Komorov’s chances for a safe return rapidly decreased. His last words were: heat is rising in the capsule.


Conspiracy theories have plagued Barack Obama when he served as the 44th President of the U.S. from 2009 to 2017. But there was an insane theory that made everyone wonder if the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) transported him to Mars in the early 1980’s.

As crazy as this theory sounds, it might actually be relevant. Washington state lawyer Andrew Basiago and chrononaut William B. Stillings stated that Obama was enrolled in their training program at The College of the Siskiyous in Weed, California. They later ran into Obama during visits to U.S. facilities on Mars from 1981 to 1983.

Basiago and Stillings confirmed that 10 teenagers—including Barack Obama—were enrolled in their program. The chrononauts made their way to a red planet through a so-called jump room that instantly transported them to the Martian surface, where the U.S. had already established secret government bases. The overall purple of the program was to establish a defense regime to protect the Earth from space threats.==============


Bill Nye the Science Guy is a science commentator, television presenter, and mechanical engineer who is best known as the host of the PBS program “Bill Nye The Science Guy” from 1993 to 1998. His eccentric humor and speedy smart pacing made the half-hour live science show a huge hit among children and young adults in the 1990’s. The show aired for 100 episodes over a span of five seasons.

After the show came to an end, Nye became the CEO of The Planetary Society and assisted others in the development of sundials for the Mars Exploration Rover missions.

Nye had a passion for space, but never made the cut for NASA. He has described astronauts as people who are amazing, crazy, overachiever, wonderful, and wild. He’s an underachiever, but that wasn’t the reason why NASA rejected him four times. NASA simply didn’t want him because he was under-qualified for the job.


Every story and picture from space has always come from NASA since the beginning of space flights. Wernher von Braun’s chief rocket engineer, Arthur Rudolph, ordered slaves from the concentration camps to build rockets for them. Tens of thousands of U.S. allies were killed as a result of those rockets. This set the tone for the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope on April 24, 1990.

NASA has discovered tons of planets, stars, and galaxies in its history thus far. It’s also impossible for them to achieve the results that they boast about achieving because of a basic issue of trying to photograph and record planets, stars, and galaxies using extremely sensitive recording equipment.

Meanwhile, the Hubble Telescope can truck around the Earth’s orbit at five miles/second or 17,000 miles per hour. In addition, there’s an atmospheric refraction issue along with a 2,500 mile error factor of some 2500 miles to consider. The temperature reaches over 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit in an altitude of orbit of 354 miles. There aren’t any man-made machines that can operate at such temperatures.==============


Many people are convinced that NASA used deceit during the Apollo missions, claimed that the moon landings never happened, and asserted that all of the video footage and images were staged. This led to the missions becoming one of the biggest conspiracy theories in the world. Of course, NASA denied the accusations, insisting that all of the events occurred and the footage is real.

However, an unknown person from mission control reportedly spoke to the astronauts in one of the first few moon landings were allegedly told how to fake the footage. That crew never left the low Earth orbit, but were able to fabricate images of a faraway globe by zooming in on a window of the spacecraft. If they were still in the low Earth orbit, they wouldn’t have been able to see the entire Earth through the windows. The crew must’ve had to blacken the inside of the spacecraft and filmed the footage through a circular window to ensure that part of the Earth was indeed observable.


Scientists first discovered the “eye” of Saturn in 1998 after reviewing data from NASA’s flybys of Saturn in the early 1980’s. However, the existence of the bizarre, hexagonal cloud pattern wasn’t confirmed until NASA’s Cassini spacecraft checked out Saturn years later. No one in this world has ever seen anything like this hexagon before. The six-sided polygon is approximately 20,000 miles wide and reaches about 60 miles below Saturn’s atmosphere.

Scientists have come up with a variety of explanations for the hexagon’s origin such as the possibility that water swirls inside a bucket and generates whirlpools with geometric-shaped holes. Obviously, there wasn’t a large bucket on Saturn that held water inside the hexagon.

Researchers later developed a model that matched the hexagon’s characteristics better than previous attempts. Scientists then ran computer simulations of an eastward jet that flowed in a curved path near Saturn’s north pole. Minor perturbations in the jet caused it to zigzag into a hexagonal shape. Moreover, the hexagon spun around its center at realistic speeds. Winds below the cloud level helped maintain the hexagon’s shape and control the rate at which it drifts.==============


The image of a rocky face in the Cydonia region generated attention when the participants of the Viking 1 mission returned photos of the Martian surface in 1976. When NASA released the photo about a week later, they described it as a huge rock formation in the center of the head, which resembled a human head. Although scientists discovered that the face was created by tricks of light and shadows, the general public became fixated on the theory that it didn’t form naturally. Some people suggested that other rocky outcroppings in the area may be an extraterrestrial city. The face has appeared in numerous books, television shows, and movies since 1976.

In 1998, NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor took more high-resolution images of this face. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter subsequently took detailed images. The European Space Agency’s Mars Express later revealed that the original analysis of the images was accurate and that it was just an optical illusion that was only revealed when the light hit the surface and wells of the rocks at specific angles.

This face isn’t the only group of rocks to lie in an aesthetically pleasing configuration. Many other fascinating images were captured, including the Galle Crater, exaggerating a curved mountain range, and two mountain clusters that created the appearance of a smiley face. All in all, such structures don’t automatically indicate proof of aliens.


NASA has been accused of covering an alien sighting after a video was uploaded to the Internet. The video showed that ufologists have discovered new traces of representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations on the Moon. An orbital probe allegedly took new satellite images that showed unusual objects on the Moon’s surface.

UFO catchers reviewed the images and found strange formations on the Moon. Some inferred that the constructions that someone could see on the satellite images can be a base of extraterrestrial creatures. NASA has been aware of these facts for a long time, but the agency has concealed the information from the general public.

In addition, researchers have also found an odd triangle crater on the images. The clear lines of the Moon’s crater debriefed its natural origin. Surprisingly, the crater hasn’t appeared on other images. Ufologists believe that the images seized the wreckage of an alien ship that crashed on the Moon. They also saw a chain of footprints that led to the mysterious object.

However, the main reason behind the discovery could be pareidolia—an illusion that causes someone to perceive formations and outlines as things that are more organized and understandable==============


Nearly all of The Space Odyssey books and movies used Jupiter, except for the original book, which used Saturn. Many of the modern conspiracy theories centered their attention on Saturn, but it didn’t really make a difference.

Radioisotope thermoelectric generators are the main element of the deep-space NASA missions that fuel the conspiracy. There’s not enough sunlight past Mars, so the RTGs remain the only option to provide the required power that a spacecraft needs. Russia has used similar generators to power about 150 lighthouses on their northern coast. Simply put, RTGs are simple because they don’t have any moving parts.

In 2003, the Galileo spacecraft’s mission was ended because of a crash with Jupiter. A man named Jacco van der Worp went on the Coast-to-Coast AM radio program, claiming that a collision caused the plutonium in the RTGs to explode and trigger an atomic explosion. Space conspiracy theorist Richard Hoagland asserted that NASA covered it up. Hoagland added that Galileo would’ve broken up in Jupiter and that it would have taken a month for the plutonium capsules to fall through Jupiter’s defense atmosphere until a certain pressure was reached that the capsules would implode. Hoagland finished, saying that the protection of Jupiter’s moons from contamination was solely to hide the creation of Lucifer.


There’s proof that alien life has existed on Mars. NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover has snapped a photo of an ancient wall that was once a part of an age-old city built by an intelligent alien civilization. In the last few years alone, a number of images with alleged structures on the surface of Mars has quadrupled. In addition, every one of those images that were transmitted by NASA’s rovers has appeared to show at least one object that appears to be artificially carved or created. However, most of the objects were the result of pareidolia.

Some reports claimed that NASA concealed an alien city found on Mars after uploading a black-and-white photo of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in a thumbnail size. According to Scott C. Waring, NASA published the photo in a small size to abide by the government’s policy and hide the structures that could serve as breakthrough evidence of extraterrestrial life.

Dr. John Brandenburg also believes that an alien civilization faced hostility and were scraped off by nuclear bomb-wielding aliens many years ago. In recent times, agencies have geared up towards plans to send mankind to Mars to discover what’s actually there. Moreover, Elon Musk recently outlined a 15-page plan to send humans to Mars as early as 2024.==============


Many UFO enthusiasts have tried to uncover secrets that NASA and the U.S. Government are hiding from the media. More notably, the Alien Hunters strongly believe that NASA is definitely hiding something from the general public. The Hollow Earth theory says that the Earth is entirely hollow or has a considerable amount of interior space.

The UFO enthusiasts also claim that NASA blurred out high-resolution images of a specific part of Antarctica in order to hide something. A video by YouTube user Secureteam10 confirmed that there’s a giant hole at the two poles of the Earth that leads to its inner core. Secureteam10 also stated that NASA immediately deleted these images and is therefore hiding something from the masses. There’s even video footage showing NASA covering the camera of the International Space Station when it flew over the assigned area. Chances are, NASA has its own sun at its very core. They just don’t want to confirm it themselves.