The Untold Secrets for Landscape Photography Awesomeness

If you cannot use the visual elements of your photo to evoke those sensual responses you had from the nature to your viewer, your photo will suffer.

So how do you go from a landscape photo-bore to a photographer that takes viewers into a journey of visual splendor?

You Make Your Photo All About the Senses

I begin by discussing a key message from Alfred Gell, which he describes in, “Art and Agency: An Anthropological Theory.”

“Art objects are not ‘self-sufficient’ agents, but only ‘secondary’ agents in conjunction with certain specific (human) associates….”

Alfred Gell

No idea what this means? At the end of this lesson you’ll get it – and hopefully it will have profound impact on how you approach landscape photos – or any photo – again!


It’s Not About Sunsets or Trees or Vistas…

With landscape and nature photography, you are not just photographing trees or rivers or sunsets. No, not at all!

What you are photographing, instead, is the sensual experiences that these objects elicit to your fellow human.

Photography – as is all other art – is a HUMAN EXPERIENCE OF EMOTION.

Write that down. Hang it up in your bathroom mirror. Read it every day.

Once you understand this, photography will be so much easier.

Now, here are a few applications for how you can elicit a sensual experience with your photographs…

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