The 5 Best Exotic Getaways for 2019

The 5 Best Exotic Getaways for 2019

Cabo? Check. Cancún? Been there, done that. Costa Rica? You don’t even want to think about another trip there. Yes, at a certain point, it can seem like you’ve filled your travelogue with every balmy beachside getaway known to man. But the world still holds wonder—hidden marvels of unblemished tropical bliss.

So when it comes to booking your annual, far-flung jaunt this year, don’t head to the same well-trodden corner of the globe. Head to these exotic vacation destinations instead.


balie exotic getaways

A tropical paradise in its own right, Bali is often described as the Thailand of 20 years ago. The diminutive island, part of Indonesia, is world-renowned for its beaches, surfing, and diving. This isn’t all the Bali has to offer, though: It’s home to many stunning temple complexes over 1,000 years old. The center of the island is a patchwork of rice paddies, hills, and even a volcano. Hike to the top at dawn for a sunrise you’ll never forget.

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