Everything You Need to Know About Flying With Your Dog


Despite the fact that JetBlue only allows 4 dogs in the cabin per flight (that’s 4 tails, 16 paws), JetBlue wins our hearts with their devotion to the four-legged traveler.  From a branded pet carrier to articulated travel “petiquette”, the animal lovers over at JetBlue have put some serious thought into welcoming pets aboard. The fee for wet-nosed travelers on JetBlue is an even $100 each way, and the weight limit is 20lbs including the carrier. Lots more to read about the JetBlue Pet Program if you are so inclined.


For the cost-conscious, Southwest is the airline for you. Fees for bringing your pup along are only $95 each way. Southwest allows 6 dogs inside the cabin, and each predictably must fit within a carrier underneath the seat in front of you. Branded Southwest carriers are available for purchase (aaww), and pups as young as 8-weeks can fly on Southwest (aaawwwww). The helpful Southwest Pet Policy Checklist provides even more guidance.

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