5 Camping Safety Hacks with Dogs

3) First Aid Kit

While camping or walking the trails, a safetynecessity is a first-aid kit. A basic first aid kit should include everything from bandages to flashlight, and that’s just for you. Consider an additional camping hack and make a first-aid kit specifically for your pup. You will need a pet first aid kit for a variety of potential injuries. “Some items you’ll want to include in your kit are tickremover, chlorhexidine scrub, antiseptic wipe, gauze, bandages, Benadryl, gloves, hydrogen peroxide, paw pad protectant, and saline rinse,” recommends Trupanion on-site veterinarian technician Aubrey Halvorsen. Likewise, the amount you bring in your kit should be dependent upon how long your camping trip is.

dog is comfy on dog bedding. Bedding is a great addition for pet camping safety!

4) Comfortable Bedding

It might seem obvious, but providing comfortable bedding in the tent is a necessary camping hack for your furry companion. The bedding provides warmth and comfort from the elements and the pup is not lying on the ground. By providing the pup’s own safe and comfortable space it gives you both the chance to stretch out and get a well-rested full night’s sleep.

keeping pup warm is an important camping safety step.

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