5 Camping Safety Hacks with Dogs

The weather is brisk, the leaves are turning, and it is officially fall. Time to dust off the camping tent and hike the trails with your pup. Camping adventures can spark an unforeseen amount of unknown circumstances, especially with a pet. Check out our five camping safety hacks with dogs to be extra prepared on the campgrounds, hiking trails, and beyond.

5 Camping Safety Hacks with your furry companion

dog on leash for camping safety.

1) Long- Line Leash

Keeping your pup on a leash is always a great safety guideline while at the campsite or on the hiking trails. A long-line leash is extremely durable and can be helpful when setting up your tent to keep your pet in a safe regulated area. Also, as a safety precaution, bring additional leashes with you in case your dog’s leash was to break or snap on the trail.

Owner provides pup versatile clothing for camping safety.

2) Versatile Clothing

With warmer temperatures during the day and cooler temperatures in the evening, the mountains can be known for having temperamental weather conditions. If you need to layer, there is a good chance your best mate is needing additional warmth as well, so pack a versatile selection of clothing for your pup. A fleece sweater, waterproof jacket, trail shoes, and socks provide a good mix of clothing for all weather conditions. Also, reflective material is helpful when the sun starts to set.

camping safety is the best way to enjoy the adventure with your pup!

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