22 Untrue Myths and Surprising Facts About Flying

11. Fact: Turbulence Doesn’t Cause Plane Crashes

Nothing stokes a fear of flying more than bad turbulence. Don’t worry! Turbulence does not cause airplanes to crash. Period.

12. Myth: Airlines Stopped Serving Peanuts Due to Allergies

Some airlines have moved away from peanuts as their preferred complimentary in-flight snack. But, you can still get peanuts if you want them!

13. Fact: You Can’t Get Stuck on an Airplane Toilet

It’s the stuff of comedy, and so it’s made up. Flushing while you’re sitting on the toilet will not cause your behind to get suctioned in.

14. Myth: Drinking in the Air Yields a Quicker Drunk

There’s no science behind this one, folks. You get drunk at the same rate in the air as you do on the ground. (The altitude might make you feel loopier than normal, though.)

15. Myth: Jet Lag Is Unavoidable

Not true! If you take precautionary steps to avoid jet lag – like skipping alcohol and sleeping pills, for example – jet lag doesn’t have to become your travel reality.

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