22 Untrue Myths and Surprising Facts About Flying

6. Myth: You Can’t Get Healthy Airplane Food

Many airlines actually offer plenty of a healthy food, if you ask for it. Aside from that, you can always bring your own food on board!

7. Fact: Airplane Air Is Circulated

Those flying tubes aren’t closed systems of air. Airplanes pull in about 50% of the air that’s circulated in the cabin during flight.

8. Myth: Planes Dump Their Bathrooms in the Air

This one is just laughable. Much like a port-a-potty, airplane bathrooms get sucked out once the plane lands…

9. Fact: You Can Get Free (or Cheap) Upgrades

You’re not going to have a 100% success rate, but if you ask at the gate, you might be surprised with what you’ll get…

10. Myth: You Can Open the Door In Flight

Have you ever tried to open a door when it’s really windy outside? It’s much harder, right? Well, imagine what it’s like to open a door in 400 mile-per-hour winds. Not gonna happen!

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