22 Untrue Myths and Surprising Facts About Flying

When you think about it, there are really two kinds of people when it comes to flying: those who are deathly afraid of it, and those who pretend like they don’t have any deep-seated fears. Simply put, air travel is one of the least understood modes of transportation. It makes sense, given that most people wouldn’t be able to explain how an airplane even works!

As a student of the Internet, you should understand what happens when gaps of knowledge crop up… Myths flood in to fill those gaps! That’s why air travel is one of the most myth-laden things out there!

Below, we’re going to separate the facts from the fiction. We’ll take a look at 15 of the craziest myths about air travel, and we’ll let you know which ones have a grain of truth and which ones are total bunk. Let’s take a look…

1. Fact: Flying Direct Overseas Is Best

It’s usually believed that layovers can create a cheaper way to travel. Not true. When you factor in all the costs associated with layovers, direct flights are almost always the best.

2. Myth: Cellphones Are A Safety Risk

It’s long been believed that cellphone can interfere with a plane’s electronics. Not so. The ban on in-flight cellphone use is on its way out…

3. Myth: The Oxygen Masks Are to Get You High

Yeah, we all heard that one in “Fight Club”, and it’s total bunk. The oxygen masks are there to keep you breathing if the cabin depressurizes.

4. Fact: Your Tray Table Is Dirty

Some people think that airplane bathrooms are the biggest germ factories on an airplane. Not so! It’s your tray table!

5. Myth: A Small Hole Can Crash a Plane

Planes are able to re-pressurize quickly if a small hole is opened in the fuselage… A big hole, though, would cause serious issues.

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