19 Mysterious Things That Happen in the Female Body Every Month, and We Are Not Even Aware of Them

14th-15th days: A woman is the most beautiful at this time.

  • The egg has ripened and is moving toward the uterus in anticipation of conception. This process lasts no longer than 2 days and the level of estrogen is at its peak at this time.
  • A woman becomes exceptionally beautiful — her skin is smooth, matte, velvet. At the same time, her libido arrives to its maximum as well.
  • Due to the high concentration of estrogen, a so-called implicit memory (it’s when a person makes actions based on their past experience but doesn’t realize it) improves. As a result, many actions are performed automatically.
  • Implicit memory works vice versa as well — everything you’ll be doing during ovulation will stay on your brain’s subcortex. Therefore, this time is considered one of the best for practicing skills, like driving a car or learning a language.
  • Estrogen actively affects the hippocampus, which is involved in the storage of memories. That’s the part of the brain that increases in size every month.
  • Hormones also act on the amygdala in the brain, which is responsible for processing emotions, especially fear. When the concentration of estrogen in the blood reaches its peak, a woman makes the best decisions in critical situations.

16th-28th days: All processes in the body decrease.

  • The egg has left the follicle and there is something called corpus luteum that gets formed in its place. This is a temporary gland that secretes progesterone. Thanks to this hormone, all processes in the body slow down. Many women experience swelling. Small abscesses might appear as well, due to the fact that the skin becomes more oily. The closer you are to the first day of the cycle, the more pronounced these signs will be.
  • Libido decreases and premenstrual syndrome shows itself at its best. The breasts also become more sensitive.
  • The level of estrogen slowly decreases and reaches its bottom by the end of the cycle. This hormone helps cope with fear, which is why the feeling of anxiety often increases during premenstrual and postmenstrual periods. Generally, due to the “game of hormones,” it might become more difficult to control any emotions before menstruation.
  • If conception doesn’t happen, the corpus luteum is destroyed and a new cycle begins.

Of course, it’s all individual — some people don’t experience mood swings and other signs, while others literally fall out of their everyday life for several days. Does your cycle have unique features? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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