17 Ridiculously Easy Travel Hacks That Will Change How You Travel With Your Pup

6. Pet travel carriers on wheels.

Image via Wet Noses Sarasota

Look at it. Do you see how this might be useful in a crowded airport or train station? As for those with large pups, they make ’em for big dogs too! We recommend checking out The Uncommon Dog for great solutions for all sizes.

7. GPS Locator Apps for Pups.

Image via Lazy Tech Guys

Download one and then register your pup. Again, it’s better to be prepared for a pawssible crisis. Plus, if your mom’s like, “Did your dog break this vase???” you can locate ’em via your app, show her and say, “Nope. They’re in the kitchen.” #YouNeedEvidenceToConvict

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