The 7 Deadly Sins of Weight Loss

The 7 Deadly Sins of Weight Loss

These Seven Common Beliefs and Catchphrases Are Not Only KEEPING You From Losing Weight, They May Be CAUSING You To Get Heavier…

Losing weight, and keeping it off, should be an effortless and easy endeavour.

There are so many myths and fallacies, however, about when to eat, how to eat, and what to eat, we often unknowingly derail our own efforts.

It is easy to be confused — health care professionals regularly engage in diet wars, the science is confusing, and the marketing geniuses tell you “low fat is good for you”.

So we eat more often than we should, we overfeed outselves the wrong types of food, and we think jumping on a treadmill will eradicate our eating sins.

In this article I want to go over some surprisingly common mistakes we all have made (myself included), and what to do about it.

How many of these have you made?

1. ”Eat Less, Move More”

“Throughout my life, I have tried to share my belief that getting and staying healthy doesn’t have to feel like work. My life is not about deprivation; I don’t diet or slave away in a gym. What I do is eat clean, nutritious, real food. I enjoy delicious meals with healthy fats, I eat until I am full and satisfied, and I remain thin.” — Suzanne Somers

One of the failings of the weight loss industry at large is this persistent myth that in order to lose weight, you need to eat ‘less’ calories.

When calories are restricted and you eat less, what actually happens is that your metabolism also goes down, making you far more susceptible to gain weight.

This study looked at caloric restriction — one group eating 30% less over the course of 11 years than the other. What they found was resting metabolic rate for the 30% less calories group was also reduced by 13% over that time.

What this means is that the people who ate less, actually slowed down their metabolism.

Plus — they ate 30% less calories for 11 years!

First — this is my worst nightmare. 11 years with a 1/3 less calories? Pass the avocado and no thanks.

Second — the reduced metabolism is the exact opposite of what we want when trying to lose weight.

The slower your metabolism, the more difficult it is to lose weight.

This is one of the biggest failings of health initiatives and recommendations.

We have all been told we need to eat less, calorie restrict, and basically suffer if we want to lose weight.

This has been the recommendation for decades by doctors, weight loss clinics that are “medically supervised”, and any superficial, preliminary search on weight loss on the internets.

Eating less makes your metabolism tank, and makes you more susceptible to weight gain.

Guys — lets put the nail in the coffin of this one. Eating less does NADA for your weight loss efforts in the long term.

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