16 Mind Blowing Real-Life Human Superpowers

13. You need to put out 7,700 kcal in order to burn 2.2 pounds.

16 Real-Life Human Superpowers

When we are actively slimming, excess fat falls into carbon dioxide and water, which is accompanied by the release of energy. In order to get rid of 2.2 pounds of fat, you need to burn through 7,700 kcal. That’s equivalent to 10 hours of continuous running, 16 hours of swimming, or a 24-hour dance marathon.

12. The total area of the human lungs equals the total area of a tennis court.

16 Real-Life Human Superpowers

The structure of this double body part contains air cells: bubble formations that take part in the gaseous exchange. If the total area of all lung air cells was summed up, you would get the area of a tennis court.

11. Hiccups can last for years.

16 Real-Life Human Superpowers

Men are more subjected to this trouble than women. The American Charles Osborne has been included in the Guinness Book of World Records for continuously hiccuping for 68 years (1922-1990). His hiccuping just stopped one day for no reason. Paying no attention to this troublesome situation, Charles lived a full life, had a family, and died at the age of 96.

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