16 Mind Blowing Real-Life Human Superpowers

A human being is one of nature’s greatest wonders. Notwithstanding the fact that our bodies are being constantly analyzed and studied, scientists still make incredible findings in this field.

We have collected 16 interesting facts about the human body that usually go unnoticed.

16. Scientists say that the brain’s memory storage capacity equals 1 petabyte (or 1,000 terabytes).

16 Real-Life Human Superpowers

Texas University scientists discovered that one synapse (the space between neuronal cells) has the storage capacity of 4.7 bits. Knowing the whole number of synapses, it turns out that the brain’s memory storage capacity equals 1 petabyte — 10 times more than previously thought. If this volume of memory is presented as a graphical file, its printed version would be 7.9 inches wide and about 253 billion feet long.

15. The chance of having a heart attack is higher on Monday than on any other weekday.

16 Real-Life Human Superpowers

Swedish scientific research shows that the risk of a heart attack is higher on Mondays and during the Christmas or New Year holidays. The lowest rates are on Saturdays and in the middle of summer (July).

14. Human bones are several times harder than concrete.

16 Real-Life Human Superpowers

Our bones are made of a composite material: they are hard and elastic at the same time. Bones consist of calcium hydroxylapatite (about 60%) and collagen, so their structure is fracture resistible.

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