14 Hacks That’ll Change Everything about Camping with Kids

When it comes to pitching a tent in the woods, throw in a few 10 and under campers, and it’s a whole new bag of tricks. There are all sorts of head-scratching issues: puzzling sleep situations, food prep problems, and dealing with So. Much. Gear. Thankfully, with these clever camping hacks, fresh air adventures with your pint-sized explorers can be relaxing and fun (we swear!). Scroll down to see them all.

photo: Matador

1. Pack tiny towels.
This microfiber towel not only fits in the palm of your hand, but it’s quick-drying and super absorbent, too, which makes for easy cleanup. You can throw it in your pocket or clip it to your day pack.

photo: The KarenD via Flickr

2. Stack your spices. 
Use small, stackable plastic containers for spices. That way, you won’t have to drag your entire rack along for the trip.

photo: Guy Sie via Flickr

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